I Am ____Ready____

In recent months, I have cancelled six (6) behind-the-wheel appointments at the DMV to finalize my M1 licence (motorcycle license).  Most of them at the last minute.  Six!  The final driving test will allow me to drive at night (ahem, legally) and with someone riding on the back (*cough* legally). I have been practicing and driving my scooter for almost one full year now on a learner's permit and should feel confident and comfortable to do some swerving around cones and some circles.  Alas, every time it came close to the appointment in my calendar, CANCEL button!  My good old friends, anxiety, doubt and fear would roll in like a hurricane and  tell me:  You are not ready, You will fail and freak out, or even joke with one another, what if she actually falls off the bike? 

Well, today was the day.  I committed and said, there is no turning back and I am going to this appointment.  Right now.

I hopped on my navy blue Vespa with the tan seat, sans anxiety, doubt and fear, and told myself all the way there, "I am ready now" and "I choose to succeed".  REPEAT.  "I am ready now" and "I choose to succeed".  REPEAT....  #declarations

And let me tell you what, I rocked that test on my first try.  BOOM, passed it.  Did the DMV instructor perhaps think I was one unique bird, saying out loud to myself during heated movement of turning, "I am ready, I am ready, I am ready, Succeed, Succeed, Succeed"? Maybe, yes.

However, what I do know is that I passed in my mind, first, and on the scooter, second.

It's all about the mind, people.  Know that "I am __{awesome, ready, happy, bad with money, rad with money, scared, in love, not worthy, epic...insert your adjective here}___" creates your reality.

Choose wisely your "I am __________".

Own it.  Believe it.  Rock it.  Live it.



Want more:  See a video on the Power of I am here.  #igolu

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