I Am

In the real World when meeting new friends or talking with strangers, I am, as most of us are, often asked the question, "what do you do"? And as of late, I answer candidly with hiking mountains, wedding planning, Summer patio sessions with great friends, and rocking my bliss at the beach. The asker/new friend/stranger waves their hand and re-directs, "no, no, what about the career part?". And honestly, I have been struggling with this question. I know if I were to be put myself in a box, it would be into the Life Coach box and I'd be done with it. However, as you might have guessed, I don't really work within boxes. Thus, I stumble and stutter over the question and answer with something like "I coach goals, personal power, defining values...er, I love public speaking, like I am basically Chris Farley from the 'Van Down by the River' SNL skit...well, I am somewhat of a life coach"....

And I lose all my own personal power immediately when I cannot own my sh*t.

So. Plot Twist, Power Play.

I am a Personal Brand Consultant & Inspirational Speaker.  


When I share my consulting and coaching ways, I am listening, asking questions and providing tools, principles or modules that I am certified to deliver and that have actually worked again and again for me and in the World. These questions, this listening and these tools are there for you (client/company) to marinate in, try on like a pair of jeans and rock out if they work for you, or leave it for later if they don't.

Thus, you are able to create your own personal brand.

Hold up, what is personal branding, exactly?

Great question. I believe we all have a brand, a personal brand. I have the Jacki Carr brand, you have the 'Your First Name, Your Last Name' brand. We are all rocking our own brand - be it at work, as a Mom, as a partner, as a best friend.... And with that awareness, we get to choose how we show up in the World, our own core values, our mission and unique purpose and the goals we want to achieve.  We can stay true to our brand commitments or we can sway, get lost, transition and re-define. How human of us to be so beautifully and ever-evolving.

So if a 'brand is the "name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's product distinct from those of other sellers."' (Thanks Wikipedia), we can get clear that like our very own unique thumbprint, we are all living our own identity distinct from others and we can choose to get clear on those amazing features and sell them!  And by sell them, I mean be in the sacred exchange with the World with our gifts.  Did you read that?  Choose to be in the sacred exchange with the World and your amazing gifts. And do note: I said distinct from others, not compared with others.

Like the true definition of a brand, we are leaving a mark in every moment. Now, now, and now. This knowledge that we are all consciously curating a brand through our language, our style, our interaction, our own experiences and our human-ness actually grants us the ability to understand deeper how we < drumrolll > access choice to do so.

And that is what makes my heart beat, makes me come so vibrantly alive, and why I do what I do in Personal Brand Consulting.  

So get up to it.

Own your sh*t and consciously curate your brand.  The World is ready.

And if you need support, a kick in the bum or a whole new tool belt, call on me.