I Love Trees: the Sequoia Trees

I believe Sequoia Trees to be my favorite of all the trees. Full of wisdom.  Purpose.  So resilient.  Strong.  Old and powerful.

I was once on an adventure in the Giant Forest that is Sequoia National Park in Northern California.  I remember standing in utter awe underneath these giant trees that reach into the sky as if to almost touch the sun, with the most gnarly roots dug deep into the Earth's soil.  There are some you can drive through, others that have lived over 1,000 years withstanding fire, rain and nature's powerful forces and some fallen.

These are epic trees.

I overheard a tour guide nearby me on that trip sharing about these giant Sequoias.  He said the trees that grow near one another are the strongest, their roots intertwine, they can lean on one another for support and grow taller and taller and taller, together.

And, I thought to myself, how beautiful that the trees know support, foundation and love like that.

Oh, how much we can learn from the trees....