I Stole a Goal and Ran

I felt really strong. I felt healthy.

I was really cruising.

And to be honest, I am really proud of myself.

These were the words I described last night to tell my fiance when I arrived home late from a San Fran roadtrip and hot of the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon that same morning (yes, this is the race you get the Tiffany's necklace, woop woop).  The course was challenging with the uphills (especially mile 10, oh my incline!), yet so reassuring with all the lengthy, winding downhills.  The weather was perfection with a true foggy San Fran day supporting the friendly temps and misty morning.  I won't lie, my outfit was on point to support the mileage, body movement and broken-in kicks.  It was a really a great race day.

This was actually my third 1/2 marathon this year with an upcoming race with my family for the Vegas Rock N Roll 1/2.

And here is the deal, these finish lines are all a response to a goal I stole.

That's right. I stole a goal and ran with it.  Literally.

Last year, while still working at lululemon, I was sitting around a table sharing goals with a group of leaders in Vancouver. As we did often, the company rocks the people development world. While listening intently, my team member, friend, writer, yogi and major heartbeat, Matt Corker shared that he was training for an upcoming race and that one of his life goals moving forward was to always be fit and trained up with his sweat regimen that he could jump in, at even a week's or even a day's notice, and run a 1/2 marathon at any time.

I remember my ears perking up and my heart beating a beat.  This goal notion really aligned with my values of adventure, sweat, fun and family. I had started to get into 1/2 marathons and really enjoyed the race length, culture and honestly, the ability to still walk afterwards.  Let's just say, 26.2 was a one time deal for me.

I told him that I loved that goal. It felt so tangible, yet also challenging. I might have, at that point, even announced that I was going to steal it.  Which he, being supportive and a goal getter like myself, of course, nodded and said go for it.

And go for it, I did.

From that point on, I have been "training" with a longer run here and there in my sweat practice. I am conscious of how I fuel my body and listening to my knees and shins (oh and they get loud). I go to yoga to stay flexible and quiet my mind, so that I can actually hear my body. I play with the idea of jumping into a run club or crew...soon.  You know, just in case I get that call to jump in the race and rock the bib.

And note, I will be honest and I say I am not following a super gnarly training regime. And I definitely have not graduated to become one of those 6am runners (I so wish!).  And I drink a lot of wine.

Yet I have consciously committed to this big goal. And this past race course, I felt that commitment show up in my body, in my mind and in my finishers time. And it feel good!

Shout out to Matt Corker for having rad goals I want to steal and make my own. Shout out to Molly Paterno for creating the Nike Women's 1/2 Marathon race and designing the new course, you effing nailed it!  Shout out to Matt Hoglund for listening to his body and choosing not to run on an injured right foot, all the while being my partner in 1/2 marathon finish lines this year and driving us up to SF. And yes, we carb load with red wine together.

So get in the goals conversation. Often times I hear people share that they feel a little stuck or sticky with their goals. They are momentarily uninspired or can't figure out what they want. They tell me, it feels too daunting right now to set goals or that they don't have any at all at the moment.

I say to you, go listen and go fishin!  Ask your friends about their goals and what they are up to. It might spark a thought, a goal, an action, and even a finish line PR!