Ignorance is Not Bliss

My acupuncturist, Ramona is spicy and tells the truth with no sugar added.  I really like her. And wow, she called me out today.

At the start of our session, per usual, we talked what was going on, checked out the cupping hickey-like marks on my lower back and analyzed my tongue.  I actually got in trouble for brushing my tongue this morning.  Acupuncture:  so weird and so awesome.  I have had a touch of a cold that I have been fighting and we were digging in on symptoms and all the body triggers that comes along with immunity and energy.  She asked me about my throat feeling, any fatigue and then asked me about my urine color, talking hydration and frequency. I looked at her and said, "Oh that, its my work. I am so aware that I have got to start drinking more water, Ramona!".

She put her clipboard down and said, "Girl, you say that every time. Seriously, every time you are in here, the whole 'that is my work' response.  You said the same thing about getting more time off the computer screen.  And again when talking about patience with that puppy.  Let me tell you what it really is, your work is a choosing to be ignorant of your body's needs".

Whoa.  Truth bomb.  Called out.

REPEAT:  This work you continue to speak of is you choosing to be ignorant of your body's actual needs.

And she was absolutely right.  Ignorance is not bliss, my friends.  I realized today in the midst of teeny tiny needles here, there and everywhere that I like to acknowledge my self-awareness as larger than the actual issue.  That somehow the fact that I know what is going on in my body actually allows me a get out jail free card because I am now 30 and mature enough to have done the self-development/research/outreach to find out.  Who is that being snobby about being 30?  Me.

Being aware of my body does not mean I am actually making the choice to listen to it. 

And when I choose to disregard, I am actually choosing ignorance.  And that is so against my values, my joy, my real bliss.

Time to tune in, be aware and create action.  

Drink that water, go for a run, close the computer down and forgive faster.  Let's hustle together.