The Irony in a Necklace Knot

I landed in Vancouver a couple of days ago with an oversized suitcase full of winter boots, layering items of lululemon and a toiteltry bag. Now, in this toiletry bag was one of my favorite necklaces.  It is a very dainty necklace from Fort Worth, Texas with a thin gold chain and a gold wire that has been twisted into the word 'peace'.  In packing this necklace, I had mentally prepared for the all too ridiculous knot that would be my future upon opening the post-baggage claim adventure that is checked bags.

And there it was today.  A knot is jammed right at the clasp.  Such a tease.  I start to pull and shake and dangle the necklace.  I am very aware that I do not have dainty hands and this characteristic is only intensified as I try to unravel the necklace, with a pull here and a tug there.  As I am messing with the necklace, I realize in the midst of the frustration that I have been holding my breath and a major wrinkle has deepened between my brows.  The irony in this awareness while trying to unravel a necklace with the word 'peace' on it, well, it is almost hilarious.

So, I pause and take a deep breath.  I continue.  Breathe, pull, breathe, shake it out, breathe, swirl it around.  Nothing.  My yoga-like breath feels absolutely defeated.  Knot is still knotted.

Finally, I set the necklace down on the bathroom counter and let go.  Boom, it unravels.  The knot loosens as soon as it hits the counter and even my non-dainty fingers are able to untangle it.

Oh life, you are on it today.  Just as I decided to let go of the pushing and pulling, the forcing and the frustration, there is the opening.  I let go, and then and only then would the desired peace (necklace) untangle and the knot begin to unravel. 

Funny how necklaces, after an adventure in checked baggage, work that way. 

Ironic, yet beautiful how life works that way.

Stop pushing.  Let go.  Peace.