Let's Feel It, For Real

I met a woman who sold jewelry a couple month's ago in San Diego.  She was quite lovely, decked in pristine white and adorned with necklaces and heavy bangel bracelets in a tasteful way. She sat down next to me on a couch and we chatted away, as some strangers find they can do quite easily with one another.  She told me:  "the World is scared to have feelings these days.  Everyone is scared to be mad or sad and just wants to try to be positive all the time.  We are like mannequins.  Boring.  People are allowed and should be able to feel every emotion and know that it is okay, you know, to just feel".

I pondered this opinion for a bit, as I looked at my hard-pressed glass is half full approach.

I realize that I often judge myself (okay, and others) when I am mad or sad for too long.  I want to tell myself to snap out of it, be happy already.  Be happy now, right now.  Be thankful and find joy in each moment.  And that sounds really nice.  However, am I pushing down and bottling up emotions that can be shared, felt or really released?

Her words were such a beautiful reminder to myself to truly feel every emotion.  Know the depths of anger, passion, sadness, fear, joy, deep belly laughter and love.  Know them well, so that you can make the choice to shift.

And, I wanted to remind you to be okay to have a shit day, a messy moment or an all out breakthrough.  Cry in front of someone, furrow your brow and huff and puff a bit.  Feel the emotions.  And, rock out an overjoyous occasion or deep belly laughter, be in the moment where you literally jump up and down or run to hug someone and knock them clear over.

Let's feel it, for real.  Until we fall over laughing, crying, jumping or sobbing. 

I'm over the mannequin crap, too.

Let's be alive.