Life Decisions. Like Swimming Pool Steps.

I am inching my way into a swimming pool this weekend. Same story every time.  I take one step at a time,  I tell myself, "just until you get used to it".  Okay, next step is not so bad, the legs, no biggie.  Oh man, this next one is going to be really cold so I hold off and procrastinate. Dipping my hands in the water, walking the four steps back and forth, contemplating how cold it will be. Then I finally take the next step down right where it is going to hit my stomach and I tip toe and jump and flail.  Then I finally just give in, go for it and I fall backwards into the cold water.  A sweet rush of cold quivers through my body and then I am totally fine.  Acclimated and enjoying myself so much more.  My friends are in the water, there are pool toys and things to float on.  This is great. Those steps!  Every time I question why I did not just jump in the first place.  Every time.

And I liken getting into a swimming pool like making a decision in life.

I inch my way to the first step and the second step, seems alright.  I procrastinate, get distracted, allow fear to set in. I hover and say "oh, not just yet".  Then I finally take that next step and this slow movement is just torture as life waits for no woman. How is it September?  And the tip toeing around it, the jumping, the whining, I just look and feel ridiculous.  So, I finally take the jump into the decision, I make the final call and it is a momentary shock to the system and then, I am all the way in, feeling it for real.  All that worry, all that bullshit is gone and I feel weightless, uncomfortably comfortable and alive.

How are you rocking life?

You inching step by step by agonizing step?

Or are you ready to go all in and trust that you know what you want?

Make the jump. I say, even go for the cannonball!