Life Lessons from Bridesmaids?

If you have about 4 minutes of life to spare, press play for a clip(s) from Bridesmaids when Megan acts out life to Annie and gives her the real deal life lessons: Part I (2min, 22 sec): 

Part II (1minute, 57 sec):

I shot off the couch when Megan said this line to Annie (see Part II):

"I do not associate with people that blame the World for their problems, because you are your problem and you are also your solution"

BOOM.  Take a moment to ponder that. 

Then, make a decision to stand for yourself or someone in your life - perhaps go be life and bite them in the ass (see Part I).  I mean it, that's the real deal.  To my loved ones, dear friends, and friends I have yet to meet, I say always bite me in the ass if I throw a pity party and lose sight of my right to choice.  Got that?  An advanced thank you.

You are the one your life is waiting for.  So take some personal responsiblity and rock that sh*t!