Life Pause Button

As I sit here thinking about the 47 minute-ish run I just completed with my dog, Bear, I ponder which moment to share.... That I was curious like a cat around some cop scene + drug bust at a bus stop and slowed down to a lite canter to listen and look and fell down on my @ss on the sidewalk in front of entire scene.  A subtle reminder from life directly to me to mind my own business. 

Or the amazing street art photos I snapped on my iPhone that lit up the landscape on a gloomy SoCal day, like today.   Oh you, colorful California.

Or how I definitely need to figure out how to go running with this new short haircut.  #hotmess

No, I am just going to gently remind you of the old saying that says stop and smell the roses.  Or, if you are down in Venice jogging, stop and smell the Ocean air.  Stare out into the horizon and past the foggy Santa Monica Moutains.  Perhaps block out the sounds of your own inner chatter reminding you that you just straight busted your bum and fell in front of 2 cops, 1 man in handcuffs, 3 people waiting for the bus and 6pm traffic in the main intersection ... and hit the always available life pause button.

Deep breath..

Oh ya, I ran way faster after that....