Light Up, Come Alive.

If I had one request to all human beings, I would ask people to do what they love every day. I really do feel we all have purpose.  And, I really do feel that it is our job to find out what it is, live it, love it and share it.

And if somehow I was given one more request, I would ask people to love themselves more.

I say, go ahead and forgive whatever it is that might be holding you back from the abundance of self-love.  Yes, right now.  And then gently recognize that it is you that is holding you back from yourself.  So then, go ahead and forgive yourself.  Yes, right now.  Then realize you are beautiful in all your successes, in all your failures, in all your life and love the you that is so you.

And in that space of purpose and abundant love, you will come alive.  Light up, light up.   And I speak for the World when I say, I cannot wait to meet you and bask in your shine.