Like New Years in September: Accountability

Happiest Labor Day to all! I spent the weekend unplugged, in a tent overlooking a fishing pond, stuffing my face with apple pie and sips of sweet wine in a little mountain town called Julian, CA.   #holidaycelebrate

Also, Happy September!  Can you believe it?  Me neither.

With September, here are some commitments/goals I wanted to share.  I feel that I do best when I utilize social media as a tool for self accountability.  Weird, perhaps.  However, when I tell the World I am going to do it, I really do it.  It is like I think someone might call me out if I don't, so I giddy up!  Find a way that works for you, for real.   Here goes:

1)  Wheat belly and holiday life, Chris and I are committed to eating straight Paleo as of Tuesday, September 4 through October 3, 2012.  (weakness:  wine, chocolate and coffee creamer)

2)  I am committed to blogging adventuresforlife posts EVERY single day starting today (September 3) through October 3.  #iamawriter

3)  Inspired by Dad's completion of his first finish line via 13.1 miles this past August, my whole family is training for the TurkeyTrot 10K in November (in Houston, TX) - run in your city and we could do a fun picture share!  September commit:  I am going to run with Boyfriend+Bear by the beach 2 times per week this month.

4) BIG September commit:  I send my logo to print business cards for my goal coaching business by Oct. 1, 2012!  #declared  (I am way deep in the certification process via igolu Leadership Certification)

5)  I would love to volunteer this month, be it an animal shelter, planting trees or reading books to children....  Please email me at yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com, if you are in the LA area and have a volunteer opp and you would love someone (me) to join!  Or, if you can creatively think of a volunteer activity via SKYPE or phone, I am all ears and all yours!

What are you up to this September?  Share and inspire us in the comment section below!

Need accountability support, shout it out!