Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

This past weekend was spent in a magical land called San Luis Obispo.  Surrounded by beautiful people, amazing sunshine and horses, we witnessed absolute true love collide. And it is only that kind of love that whisks you away.  That kind of love that changes the game.  That kind of love that moves you, right where you belong.  Hands were held more, kisses exchanged often and I truly get that whole "love is in the air" vibration.

To our dear friends, Matt Aporta and Mary Beth Larue, you are that magic kind of love.  Did I cry more than any human at the wedding, maybe?  Were they tears of joy and the utmost happiness of this radical love fest?  YES.

We are so happy for you.  Thank you for lifting us up and inspiring us all to be that kind of love.  You are the real deal.