Meet the (goal)Maker: Jess Robson


(goal)Makers are incredible human beings making magic happen. With a radical vision and huge goals, they put themselves out there to be seen, to create, and to share their unique gifts with the World. I honor the action of making it happen, where willpower meets movement and the goal vibration is felt.

Meet Jess Robson.

I want to be straight about something with you, Jess Robson (better known in my mind as 'JRob') has dance moves that are out of this world and a smile for days. Her passion is intoxicating and you get drunk on wanderlust just talking with her. She oozes creative talents and has started her own entrepreneurial adventure in the land of copywriting, leadership and art. I am honored to be collaborating with her on an imagination art piece found here for my trip this month to Ethiopia with imagine1day.  Read on and get ready to want to be best friends.

I'm Jess Robson. I'm a prairie girl born and raised, now living (and exceptionally in love with) life on the West Coast of Canada. I have a crazy annoying love of peanut butter, am afflicted by wanderlust, never wear matching bathing suits and look for every opportunity to connect with and create opportunities for community everywhere I go.

Tell us about what you do: I am a creative entrepreneur who spends her days immersed in the world of words. I help other entrepreneurs, small businesses and larger organizations bring their business or culture to life through language, building everything from website copy through to leadership development and culture-centric training programs. I've also got a passion for creating with my hands; I can't get enough of making letters look lovely and painting and penning quotes that make my heart burst.

Who was your crush at age 14: Ashton Kutcher in That 70s Show. T-shirts just a bit too tight and shorts just a bit too short. What a heart throb.

What goal are you living that makes your palms sweat? I am self employed. Taking the leap into being my very own boss and responsible for making sure there's dollars in my bank account every month STILL makes my palms sweat and my heart pound, and I've been at it for over 18 months now. All that considered, the sense of adventure, the invigorating drive to connect + build working relationships and the freedom that I get to experience in my laptop-fueled-lifestyle is 100% worth the pounding heart and super sweaty palms.

Most recent failure and what did you learn from it? I recently fumbled/stumbled my way through a meaningful conversation with someone close to me, and left a not great impact on them. It reminded me that in all the work that I do around powerful, intentional language, that I still (and always will) have so much to learn about communicating what I need in a compassionate and collaborative way that makes the other person feel as respected and heard as I want to in big, scary or 'hard' conversations. #studentforlife

What is your spirit animal and why? Great question. Two answers: 1) Human Spirit Animal: Bette Midler. She's a chameleon, has an insane set of pipes, a roaring sense of humour and from wat I can see, has some serious self-knowing that is utterly admirable. 2) Animal Spirit Animal: Eagle. No, I don't know that for sure AND they live by water and in West Coast Native tradition are seen as birds of peace. Their size and grace always stun me and I feel insanely inspired and connected to them whenever I see them here on the coast.

How do you take your coffee or tea? High maintenance or simple and sweet? A month ago I would have said coffee - the stronger the better, straight up - nothing added. Then I realized that java was turning into the only liquid I was I am now making a conscious effort to amp up my herbal tea ingestion to balance out all that caffeine.

What are your thoughts on men with beards? And flannel? Yes. All yes. Beards on the boy, flannel on us both. #yes