Stop Blaming. Laugh Now.

I am writing to you from the Portland airport.  It is a gorgeous day here as I look out the windows at planes passing over the lush green hills and evergreen lined mountain tops. Now, I should have been home in Venice by now.  Hugging my sweet dog and high-fiving my man over a great weekend at World Domination Summit.  However, I missed my flight this morning.  Yes, I arrived at the airport 2 hours early.  Yes, I was in my terminal area.  And yes, they said they paged me over the intercom and the plane left without me.

As I look back to how I could have missed hearing my own name over the intercom, much less the flight, after scoffing at the flight services wondering if they actually called at all, after being so annoyed with myself that I was three gates away from the plane departure and after trying to blame everyone and thing like the intercom volume, the plane departure time and the restaurant sound....I owned up to my mistake.

I had my computer open and my phone next to me and was rocking full on work mode - straight zoned in.  I was not at the correct gate.  And I was not paying close enough attention to time.  I missed that flight, no one else but me.

And when I realized that no amount of stress, worry or annoyance was going to bring that plane back, I was actually able to laugh at myself and let that critical crap go.

Now I see that I have free wi-fi.  I am able to work.  And I am on a stand by for an afternoon flight which fingers crossed, I make it on to.  And if not, ugh, that is fine, too.

You know some of the funniest stories are those you get so mad at in the moment.  I realized that I probably can tell this funny story later, so why not make it funny right now.

What if every time we made a royal mistake, we realized that it was done.  In that moment, right there, it has happened.  And then, we could shake it off, laugh about it and put that energy into something rad.

Give it a try.  I'll be here at the Portland airport, if you are passing through.