Morning People

My boyfriend looked me in my big brown eyes yesterday and asked me to give it a shot.  He said, "why dont' you get up early and take our little Bear for a long run, shower and start your day with a sweat.  It will feel so good, I know you will love it".  Immediate eye roll and a scoff.  The thought of getting up early and running?  "Amusing, babe.  Real amusing", I retort. An alarm rings in our bedroom at 4:30am PST every single day.

I sleep right through it.  The change in equilibrium in our bed, the commotion of boy and dog awakening and ready-ing, the lights, the door hinge that squeaks, the toilet flushing, the kiss good morning and good-bye, and the front door that opens, closes and double locks as he departs.  As he departs, a morning person.

I sleep more.  I roll over.  I drift and I dream dreams.

And when I wake up what seems to be a half a day later, I secretly wish I was a morning person.  I would fill my mornings with me time, blogging, sweating and/or slow walks with the dog.  I would start my day off doing whatever I want.  A run, a yoga class or perhaps a big, hot breakfast.  Oh, to be a morning person.

So last night, I gave it that requested shot.  I set my alarm for 6:30am PST.  I commit and tell myself I will wake up and run with that little Bear.

And I sit here typing a little bit taller, a little prouder, a little bit closer to a morning person.  Because you bet I got up, ran with the dog, showered and started the morning great.  And the morning person of a boyfriend was right, I feel pretty rad.

But man, this day will never end!  Morning people, such full days in your life, who knew?

Let's try it again tomorrow!  I am a morning person in training!