Hello Hiker Life

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

― Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Wow.  I heard this quote this morning in my meditation and it hit like a gong and vibrated through my trying-be-still-on-a-blanket body.

This past weekend, my man and I with our sweet dog, Bear were invited camping with some new friends.  And we checked in with our desires and said Hell Yes!  Saturday early afternoon, we were off to summit Mt. Baldy (also known as Mount San Antonio) and hike the Devil's Backbone Trail.  The plan was to hike up to the summit, camp up top and then hike down the next morning for breakfast and beers.

As nature is rad and gnarly and humans are human, we definitely did not start on time and the sun had no means in waiting for us.  By the time we got across the actual back bone of the devil, the headlamps were on and the winds were rocking us.  Our sweet hiker friends let us know that we had not even gotten to the worst part yet.  What?

So we took a group pause and we decided to end for the evening and camp just below the summit.  We found some softer areas where a couple previous campers had left some rocks rings to snuggle behind and we decided to get real and set up.  Mind you, Chris and I had packed our huge  (and way too heavy) tent that we bought together on a whim in Wisconsin at a Wal-Mart early on in our relationship.  It is orange and needless to say, not the tent for this trip but has done us well over the past 3 years.  Winds rocking us, the dog crying and tired bodies, we worked together to pitch this thing.  Chris gets the stakes in the ground and I go searching for rocks to put inside the tent to keep it down.  13 massive boulder-like rocks later, minor couple therapy sesh in pitching a tent together in 30mph winds, and a sleepy pup and we were zipped in and zonked.  Note to self: hit up REI and buy a new tent.

The next morning we were up and at 'em to get to the top.  The altitude was no joke and my sea-level lungs laughed (i.e. wheezed) at my attempt to go fast uphill.  We took our time the last 1/2 mile and our crew got to the top and took at all in.  There is such beautiful celebration in reaching the top of a mountain, tired legs to triumph!  The afternoon ended with a sweet downhill hike, burgers and beers.  Hello hiker life!

And that is absolutely it.  Hello to the hiker life we keep talking about, dreaming about, writing about.  Chris and I share a desire to hike, camp and be in nature.  We connect, sweat and have the best time on outdoor adventures. Thus Upanishad had it right, the desire to rock the hiker life led to the will to say yes to the invite, led to the deed to camp and summit Mt Baldy last weekend to our destiny of a rad weekend hiking with our dog, a top of the mountain picture and great beer and burgers with new friends.

What can you get up to this week to know what you want, have the will to get into action and get up to it?  Your choice to rock your destiny.