Much More, Much More Than This

Oh dear Frank Sinatra said it so, he said without exemption, "I Did it My Way". Some times I feel like the book I want to write one day, the business I want to start or the event I want to create has already been done.  And done really well by creative, famous or really cool people with more money, better connections and perhaps, a car.  Or, someone is probably on the brink of starting it already and there is no point.  Or, this or that.

That is some fear, self doubting and gnarly smack talk.

So I delete that ridiculous conversation in my head, and I listen to Ol' Blue Eyes here and sing out loud, "but through it all, when there was doubt, I ate it up and spit it out...." .  And, I remind myself that everyone has their own purpose in this life.  I have purpose.  And everyone has opportunity to say, "and not in a shy way, I did it my way".

And yes, it will be different.

Yes, it will be so beautiful.

And yes, of course, just radical.

Because you, yes you, made a choice to make epic sh*t happen.  Your way.  And  isn't that what we are all out to do?

So there you have it.

Rock your purpose.


Create epic sh*t already and more, much more than this, do it your way.