When the Music Speaks, LISTEN

Tell me you have experienced this:  You are driving in the car and shit hath hitteth the fan.  You are grumpy, a little annoyed and all too irritated.  Stewing in your moodiness, you declare there is nothing that could make you feel better in this moment except for maybe ice cream.  And of course, you are on a cleanse.  And then just like that the radio deejay comes through with your jam.  And there I go,  "Little ditty, about Jack and Diane, two American kids growing up in the heartland...".  Thank you, seriously, thank you John Cougar Mellencamp. I start quiet with the lyrics and a little shoulder groove and my fiance from the driver's seat nudges to go ahead and let loose and do it how you do it, and there I am belting it out and playing the drum solo on the dashboard. "...Life goes on, oh ya life goes on..."

Music is magical like that.  I smile, breathe, sing and shift.

If only you were the car next to me, you would have enjoyed.

But wait, it gets better.  The radio gods are on fire with no commercial break, the songs keep coming.  And this next one is a doozy. Some bass came over the radio, a familiar beat and a group sings and straight up ask me, "How long has this been going on?  Oh how long has this been going on?". I have to laugh out loud at the humor of the Universe, because in all honesty, the mindless stewing, reactivity and moodiness has probably been going on about 3 hours too long.  To the point where it actually takes effort and force to stay grumpy, we have all been there.  And I ask myself in the lyrics of Ace, how long has this really been going on, Jacki?  Time to get real and go for a run, get on that yoga mat or hell, get out of the car and dance.

One more for the road, as we inch closer to the apartment through traffic.  No commercial again?  What is this rad radio with amazing Oldies?  Now, for those of you that do not know, I am on day 25 of the Whole30 challenge.  No gluten, no dairy, no sugar and absolutely no alcohol.  So the last song that blasts is a sweet serenade from UB40 singing about RED RED WINE!  Where he sings 'stay close to me', I could not feel further away from the sweet berry juice that I so enjoy with others and well, alone any time, any place.

You get me, Universe.  You know how to make a girl laugh, shift and rock that car karaoke.

So please, lighten up and tune in.  Check yourself before your wreck yourself.  Turn on that radio and be like the Doobie Brothers and whoaaa whoooa, listen to the music.  It just might be telling you something like how life really does go on and to not take yourself too seriously.  Perhaps it will be direct and get real and ask you how long that moodiness has been going on?  And if all else fails, get to the store pronto and keep that red red wine close to you.

Have more fun.  Listen closer.  Sing out loud.