My Vision

I am in major organization mode today. I am talking building excel sheets, organizing folders on my desktop and rocking my email replies.  I have been preaching that organization leads to flexibility, thus I am walking the talk, if you will. Of course, as I am digging through folders, I stumble upon my written 10 year vision.  A moment in time in the year 2024.  And if I may, I wanted to share it with you.  Simple, sweet, from my heart to yours:

The rocks crackle underneath my all-electric SUV as I weave up to our log cabin home.  The Summer sun is almost ready to set behind the Rocky Mountain peaks yet it is still light out and there is a brisk chill in the air, Fall is coming.  I open the car door and see the glow from our windows of our A-frame log cabin home, as the evening sun pours in. I look at the mountains, “Never tired of this view”, I say to myself.

I walk up to the home and hear my children giggling with excitement.  I open the big wooden door to a young boy coloring at the large kitchen table and two younger rascals quarreling in the living room.  My husband comes over to greet me with a big hug, as if I have been gone for 6 days, not just 6 hours.  He dips me with a Hollywood kiss, as he always does in the most random public places and the children squeal with laughter.  More kisses from everyone now as I enter my home.

The kids are already dressed, jackets on, headlamps lit and trail shoes tied.  I grab my boots from the mud room, and re-enter the living area. Tears welling with gratitude, I say to myself, “Never ever tired of this view”. 

And together, we hike.