New Ink

Remember my posts about trees?  I wrote about Oak trees, Palm trees and Sequoia trees a while back.  My favorite tree of all time being the Sequoia. I had shared with you that on a trip to the Sequoia National Forest, I overheard a tour guide nearby sharing about these giant trees.  He had said that the ones that grow next to one another are the strongest and tallest.  Their roots intertwine to provide a strong base and they can lean on one another for support and grow taller and taller and taller, together.

So beautiful.  And truly what I believe about human beings.  We get possible together.  When we lean over and ask for help and support, when we connect to create, and when we grow through the hardest of times and the most amazing of times, this is the sweet spot.

I have two younger sisters, Mel and Bailey.  If you have siblings, you know the bond.  It is unreal, unbreakable and so strong.  I see us like three Sequoia trees, growing together with our roots intertwined in a radial family foundation.  And though we stand as individuals, I know I can always lean on them and they know they can always lean on me.  Lean, grow, lean, grow, lean and grow.  Together.

So, it only seemed natural and right to rock this meaning on my body in the form of permanent ink for the rest of time.

To getting possible together.  To my sisters.  To the trees.  Let's grow.