New Year, Love You

Happy 2014! I would say today is my celebration of the New Year.  My man and I were in a car from January 1 through January 3 road-tripping home from the holidays.  Yes, that is Chicago to LA, we did it! Upon exhausted arrival from fighting the gnarly snowstorm that was named Hercules, well, January 4 was recovery day.  Thus, Happy New Year via January 5!

Isn't the New Year funny and rad and odd all at the same time?  The theme of new calendar year, a fresh start, champagne toasts, a new you, big change, radical resolutions, setting goals, saying 'this year will be different', and blank slating it.  There is this all-encompassing energy of shift, transition and movement that fills January.  Do you feel it, too?

I have been pondering this energy, this theme of the new year, the Jacki Carr 2014 version.  And on cue, I have been rocking my goals, checking my intentions and looking to the future. However, I do declare today that I have decided to boycott resolutions and not pressure myself to altogether change.  Because let me tell you what, I really enjoyed and am celebrating Jacki Carr version 2013.  She lived it big, put herself out there, has amazing friends and is in love.

Don't get me wrong, is there room for improvement, upgrades, new adventures and cool sh*t? Of course!  And is there great awareness in knowing what you do want (more of) and what you do not want (at all)?  Oh yes and more yes.

With that, I want to share with you the new approach.  Okay, I have taken time to check in with me, rock the continued practice of self exploration to know what lights me up, and get real.  For example, I truly enjoy hiking in the mountains to unplug and reconnect.  I love creating, be it my own brand or connecting with others to coach, support and rock their voice and personal brand.  I dig when I am sweating and eating healthy food, it feels good in my body, mind and soul.  I enjoy human connection, be it high fives, long hugs or eye contact.  And family, to the moon and back I love the family.  As you can see, this is a smattering of a check in, the joy list goes on and on...

And from this long joy list, I am celebrating and creating all that is possible for 2014.  I am not looking for massive change or a new self in reaction of what I do not have or who I am not.  Nope, not doing it this year.  I am rocking the choice, connecting to me and setting my 2014 goals, intentions and mantras from a place of radical joy that I know to make me, well, oh so very much me.  Boom.

If you dig it, try it!  Connect to your joy that you absolutely know in yourself.  Write it down and add more of that joy into your 2014.  Maybe you take it to the next level, a higher mountain, a deeper human connection.  Know there is always room for new discoveries, saying yes, pushing new boundaries and self exploration.  Always.  I say, let's do it from a place of joy, where we know ourselves best, our true core values and what we really, really want.

Go get them in 2014.  I so believe in you!