October: Been Scared Every Day. Really.

This project could have been named:  Do One Thing this Month that Scares you EVERY single day. On October 1 this month, I made a huge decision.  I checked in with my values.  I double checked in with my conscience, my instinct, and my core.  And I triple checked with my main man, Chris.  I ran on it, I sweat it out in yoga and I sat and thought on it.

And now, I am ready to share with you that I decided it is time to close the chapter on my life in luon and declare a new space for myself in this big World.  This Friday, October 25 will mark my last day at the ever-innovative, most-inspiring and radically-developing lululemon athletica.

I have been with the company for 5 and 1/2 years and I have held 6 different positions: in the stores, on our Brand team and on our People team.  I have developed personally and professionally to levels I never knew possible and I am so grateful for these experiences.  I have sweat a lot on a yoga mat, crossing a finish line and in a group class and I have worn stretch clothes to work every day for the past 2,008.5 days.  I have made the most cherished friends and rocked some radical event experiences, to name a few.  Grateful from the bottom of my heart!

And I know that this is the time to leap.  I feel inspired, scared as hell and ready all at the same time.

As I look to the future, I know right now that I am in creation and it is oh so very bright. I know that I want to live in a World where people know possibility and we get up to creating it together, not alone.  I know I want to connect and surround myself with people rocking their highest potential. And I know I am a catalyst for epic shift, personal power and big effing goals.

So, as of next week, I will be fully focused on my Coaching & Consulting company, Goals on the Rocks.  I am stoked to build on my already existing radical client list and expand expand expand.  I will be scheming and dreaming with Mary Beth LaRue on our Rock Your Bliss movement and bringing Yoga & Goals to the World.   And I can guarantee that for the rest of October, I will be inspired, ready and scared as hell every single day.

To the future unknown.  To gratitude.  And to being present and open to all that is coming.

Here we go!