Oh Snap, Watch Out

Oh snap, I have been skating the edge, people. You know those days you have when you are just snap-happy?  No, I did not write slap-happy, I wrote snap-happy.

I have been loving to snap.  I am talking that seemingly uncontrollable nasty lash of emotional sh*t that seeps out of your mouth at a moment's notice.  I feel my brows furrow, my jaw tighten and shoulder tense and there I go, SNAP.

And who feels the whiplash the most from these nasty snaps?

The ones closest in distance to the heart and/or vicinity of space.

I mean, WATCH OUT: friendly passersby in the street in the way of my evening run,  WATCH OUT: man driving oversized Ford truck too fast in his car behind my Vespa,  most definitely WATCH OUT: dear boyfriend, and WATCH OUT: little, innocent dog, Bear.

How is it that we can take a bad day, a bad hair cut, a blemish or a broken toenail and somehow shift, switch and shove it as blame on to other people?

I am like Rice Krispies over here... SNAP, KRACKLE, POP!

Been there before?  No?  I don't believe you.

And as I sit here and write about the emotion, the feeling, the who, the blame game, the body triggers and the irritation;  I realize that I have not taken a moment to truly recognize and realize what is making me so snappy.

Take a minute.  Take 2 minutes to recognize and realize why you might snap here, snap there, snap everywhere.  Recognize in the here, there and everywhere that the common denominator is Y-O-U.

Who, me?

Yes, me.

And here I go, I can switch gears and realize that somehow, someway, that boyfriend and dog I love to snap at, still love me.  As Chris sits ever-so-patient next to me and Bear curls up on the other side,  I can say sorry for the attitude, right now.   I can recognize that hungry me is irritable.  I know that when I don't work out and sweat it out, I am cranky to the max.  And when the cup runneth over, the stress does, too.

Take the time to recognize and realize what the snap?

And, tomorrow is a new day to try it a bit of a different way.

Tried and true ideas to UN-snap:

get on the yoga mat, a run with the dog, a great 80's song, a sweet kiss, a delicious snack, a deep breath, a glass of vino, a romp in the sheets, write a blog post, read a blog post, a bike ride, and/or, perhaps a good book...

I say, less Rice Krispies reaction, more love.

How do you UN-snap?