On Playing Catch Up

I landed home this week from some gnarly travel all over North America with a trip to San Fran quickly approaching. Friends reach out and welcome me back and ask me what I am up to. I have great friends. I notice I have been repeating the common phrase, "Oh, I am playing catch up". And by playing catch up, I mean getting my email life in order, confirming the week and catching up on all the things I missed while in flight, transit and travel. I hear them nod across the phone line, as we all know what the catch means. Doing anything and everything on the to do list to feel productive in the social norm style that is job life. About halfway through the day today, with a 10 month old puppy pawing at me for attention, I actually realized that the catch up goes so much further beyond the computer screen. There are actually a few items missing on my to do list:

Look my man in the eyeballs and tell him I missed him while I was gone

Sit your ass down and pet the dogs, hug the dogs and walk the dogs. Give them back the sense of routine they might have missed while away.

Call family and tell them I landed home and all is great. Even if three days later.

Swiffer the place, because the dog hair shed is a real thing.

Text or dial my best friends to say hey and play catch up on our long distance lives.

Sleep and recharge. Take one more emergenC, just in case.


So quickly I find that I rush back into life to catch up only on my work life. I stew over emails, blog posts, invoices and receipt organization. I feel productive as the emails leave my outbox and my eyes go crossed. Yet to be honest, and I feel sad to write it, I don't put as much emphasis or time into catching up with say my love life, my dog life, my sleep life...

And with this brutal realization, I closed the computer. I sprawled out on the wood floor and hugged Moose the dog and picked up and snuggled with Bear the dog. I called my man into the living room to practice our wedding kiss. And then, I put on a slow and soothing James Taylor record.

And though I am back at my computer now, the record will eventually need to flip. And I get to keep catching up, if I consciously choose to do so.

Going on a trip soon? Been on a trip lately?

Upon return, remember to add to the to do list and play catch up with your whole life.