One Expensive Orange

I have to laugh as I sit down to write this post this evening, as this morning I was annoyed, tired and sarcastic.  Life is funny that way.  Time is beautiful that way.  Anyways... Here is how today went at my court-appointed community service hours:

Other Volunteer:  "So, what do you have to do hours for, how many?"

Me:  "8 hours.  An orange peel out the window.  Actually, a clementine (also known as 'cutie') peel, to be exact".

Volunteer: "Wait, what??"  (laughter, laughter, laughter)

Here is the story:  Last year, my friend and I drove home from yoga class and I threw an orange peel out the passenger window.  Within 37 seconds, there were red, white and blue flashing lights in the rear view window.  My friend driving was on her cell phone.  I immediately felt terrible for her, as she was about to get written up, for sure.  What a pain and probably a lot of drama she will have to go through.

Oh wait.  As he taps on the passenger window and a flashlight blinds me, what is that, officer?  What, you want MY identification?  Who, me?  Why?  And there I sat with my glass water bottle, sustainable coffee cup and yoga mat in my lap, as he wrote me an outrageous litter ticket for the aforementioned discarded orange peel.

Biodegradable, right?  Compost for the Earth, possible?  Can I get a warning?

Litter is litter, lady.

Well, 3 court visits later, about $500.00 "donated" to the city of Santa Monica, Community Service coordination, volunteer fees (why yes, you have to pay to volunteer your services on top of the ticket fee), and 2 hours left on my Community Service hours countdown; I sit here laughing it off with a glass of red wine. 

Now just a note, that is one ridiculously expensive orange peel.

And yes, it is still annoying, time-consuming and not over.  Yes, it is almost unbelievable. However, I am over it and we can all have a laugh and learn together.  It is not as big of a deal as I once made it to be, albeit still somewhat ridiculous.

And thus, I want to share a gentle reminder with you, and you, and you, and you:  DO NOT LITTER ANYTHING.