One Shiny Soul

I recently met a yogi, free-spirited, life loving + powerhouse of a woman, Rachelle Tratt.  She is the creator of The Neshama Project  with a strong mission to: In every day, in every moment, find ways to make someone smile, wake them up, give them hope, and let them shine.  Spreading Soul one hamsa at a time.

She truly is one shiny, shiny soul.  She lives life on purpose, teaches one gnarly yoga flow in Venice, CA and is already teaching me how to be open, more present and free, whether she knows it or not.

Now, I fell in love with the hamsa about 6 years ago.  The meanings vary from here to there, with a common beautiful theme of happiness, peace, connection and protection.  I now wear one of The Neshama Project hamsas.  When I asked her to choose one for me, of course, this was the one she selected without even knowing how much I needed and wanted the reminder in my life right now.

I wear my hamsa to believe in myself.  So much more.  And to believe in others.  I am grateful for passionate people living in purpose, living on purpose.  I am inspired by people, like Rachelle, doing it bigger and giving back.  So much connection and love in this blue opal from Israel.

Surround yourself with people who teach you to be more open, present and free.

Find beautiful reminders to believe in you and to believe in others.  Thank you, Rachelle.

And then, believe.

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