Perspective Shifted

I have had a whirlwind couple of weeks.  WELCOME MONDAY in Southern California, you look sunny and great! I flew from Los Angeles to Chicago on Monday to launch two amazing events for work, took a bus to Indiana to celebrate my Grandparents 55 years of marriage over the weekend and then hopped a plane to Toronto that Sunday for one more radical event.  And any of you that have rocked the life of event planning, you know these evenings are weeks in the making, collaboration is oh so clutch and you have to love it.  And, I do.

The days were long, the events were amazing and by the trips' end, high fives and hugs were abound.

Now, mid-week in Chicago, I woke up in my hotel room with an edge of stress, as the team and I were preparing for that event on Tuesday in TO and the emails were a-flowing.  And then, my phone rang to interrupt the momentary stress. My boyfriend, Chris and his brother were there in the lobby to scoop me up because that morning, I was going to meet a new member of their family.  Chris had become an Uncle 13 days ago!

Now, it had been awhile since I held a newborn baby.  Most likely the last time I truly held a child that small was when my littler sister was born.  Yes, about 15 years ago.

But let me tell you something:  my World just melted away when I picked up that handsome and tiny human being.  My heart burst with the utmost love and my whole perspective shifted in a moment.

8lbs of a new life can do that to you.

I let him sleep on my lap.  I held him close to my heart.  I rocked him back and forth.  And when he fell asleep and there was an offer to put him down, I couldn't just yet.  Pure magic.

Upon leaving the house to get to work later that morning, I was literally in awe of how time can pass when you stare at a new baby.  One sneeze.  One arm raised.  One little fart.  It is amazing.  And even more so, the perspective of what feels important.  The stress of that event on Tuesday, the recap due the following week, the tightening of leggings from that cupcake....  All gone.

Look into the eyes of a child.  Be in awe, because this life, your life is magical.  Believe it.