Pull the Triggers

So here I am, the stubborn 7 year old version of myself -  knowing I should go say sorry for throwing sand and continue to play on the playground, but I don't want to. As you might recall, I went on Adventure: Aspen a couple of weeks ago, and I just have not been able to bounce back.  I feel stressed from playing catch up (which should have been no surprise), I am seriously avoiding my practice (or any type of real sweating, for that matter), I think I am addicted to twitter/facebook/instagram/zite/newtumblraccount/iPhone, and I keep pressing play on episodes of Mad Men at 12am.  Don Draper.  Period.

I am literally choosing to reject all the things I love to do and instead, sitting in this mud of a funk space that is post-vacation-social-media-addict-catch-up-junkie-overacheiver-do-not-want-to routine.

Well, this evening I dragged myself to yoga and passed way out at the end of the class in Savasana (kudos to a phenomenal teacher). My favorite flannel shirt placed gently over my eyes, some amazing drums sequence bouncing from wall to wall within the space and breath like the Ocean waves, I woke up refreshed, smiling and finally feeling myself again.

Blissing out on my scooter ride home, I realized I really love myself in my yoga practice.  I take care of my ever-moving brain, my home of a body, and my big heart.  And, I am right where I am supposed to be.   And it hit me, there are life triggers available to pull for your favorite life, the life you most love.

Here I have written down my Top 10 favorite-life, life-that-I-most-love triggers:

1)  Jacki, get your @ss on that bold blue yoga mat.  Breathe, take time, care for you and listen to life through the practice. #flow

2)  Dog park trips sans iPhone.  Unplug in the middle of the day, soak in the sunshine and love that Bear of a rescued puppy.

3) Peace rides on my Vespa Scooter.  Honestly, I still just feel so cool on it.

4) Make epic sh*t happen and go on life adventures with Mister Chris Hynes. Know that your life rocks with this kind of love. Every. Single. Day.

5) Get in the bath tub.   #practicewhatyourpreach

6)  Run near the Ocean.  Breathe it in and take a life pause.

7)  Any type of piping hot drink in a big, round, colorful mug - preferably with whip cream.  Outside.  Daily.

8)  Write down what you are grateful for.  Then, actually be grateful.  #actionsspeaklouder

9)  I love flannel.  Maybe, just maybe, I really am a hipster.

10) Setting goals with other people.  I feel so juicy in this space, at any moment, at any time.

These are my triggers.  I will pull them on the regular.  And I'll rock my favorite life!  #triggerhappy

What are your life triggers?