Day 6 & 7: The Quitter and Self Love

Day 6:  The Quitter I have a slight obsession for success and achievement, I am talking major drive.  Today when I went for a run, I had already crafted my post-run tweet:  "@jackicarr:  3miler tonight and I am back in sweat action".  Yes, I know I am a social media nerd and use it as motivation.  And yes, I was already proud of myself for going running when I put the run outfit on and was still indoors. Considering it had been a couple of days, okay a week, fine two weeks since a really great run, this was forward movement.

But today, I scared myself.  My body was mentally exhausted and I was pushing the physical side.  And then, I quit.  I quit the run after exactly 0.43 miles.

I walked, more like shuffled, the 0.43 miles back home.  And, I did not tweet.  What I did do was eat an Almonds Snickers and have a glass of red wine.  Am I giving up completely on running, absolutely not.  But today, I said no, turned around and this non-quitter quit the run.  And I feel okay about that.  For today.

As non-quitters, do we give ourselves space to quit the run and enjoy the Snickers instead?  Ever?

Note to reader:  Stick to the original.  The Almond Snickers, not so great actually.

Day 7:  Self Love

Inspired by Mattie Cragin's Day 15, I will write 30 things I love about myself. I love self-love, I preach it.  And now it is time to practice what I preach and share it out loud, here I go:

1) I have great hair.  I am talking thick, strong, all natural brunette hair.

2) I have ridiculous drive & motivation.

3) I can karaoke.  Terrible voice, great performance.  I'll take that mic every time.

4) My passion for people.

5) My athletic abilities.

6) My adventurous side.

7) How I cry every at every single episode of 'Modern Family'.

8) My loud mouth.

9) That I am a total book nerd.

10) My confidence.

11) My willingness to admit that some times, love is hard and so worth it.

12) My healthy approach to food and body image.  Chocolate, movie popcorn and red wine included.

13) My love of learning.  Be it a new way to hug, a bold way to speak or how the brain works, I really love to learn.

14) My ability to ask for what I want.

15) My knowledge that I always, always, always have choice.

16) My inability to loan anyone my books, as they are all highlighted or post-it noted for further lessons.  Coupled with the fear that they will not give it back.  #hardstop

17) My love for 80's music and 80's style.

18) That I don't get starstruck by big movie stars, however if Dr. Brene Brown or John Cougar Mellencamp walked by, full on body sweat.

19) I love how much I truly love Christmas - the old movies (Christmas Vacation, ELF, White Christmas...), the decorations, the music, the candle smells, going to Grandma's house, the PJ's, the red cups at Starbucks, picking out the Christmas tree, sledding, roadtrips,..  It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

20) I know I am a mix of naive, goofy and nerdy.  Own it. Love it.

21) My muscular legs that I once hated and now love.

22) My eyelashes.

23)  My odd style over the years and well, into the future.

24) My tan line on my nose from sunglasses.  Every Summer.

25) My desire to bring people together.  Be it a Fall Party, a Book Club or a Networking Group.  I will plan it, you will come.

26) My commitment to family.  Priority numero uno.

27) My massive responsibility I have learned and feel from being a dog mother...errr, dog owner.  Absolute game changer and I feel the utmost joy when our pup, Bear is happy.

28) My dainty and quirky tattoos.  All six of them.

29) My inability to rock all black.  Feels so somber, add neon.

30) My ability to rock public speaking.

Okay, in all honesty, this took way longer than I thought it would.  It was actually really hard to even begin.  And then I had an even harder time picking it up after a long pause at number 19.  Then reading them again and again before I press post asking is that okay to share, is that over the top, is that too much?  Hello Jacki, love who you are.

Reading through them all again, there is a sense of self that lands, accepts and loves me right here, right now.

I highly recommend you do this one.  Go ahead, start now. 1-30 on your page.  Rock that self-love.

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