I am not one for solid routines, bedtimes and or morning rituals When I was young, I have fond memories of the Holiday seasons crawling around at people's feet hiding under the table while all the adults played cards.  I thought staying up late was a right of passage and a rebellion of sorts.

Now that I am older and actually have a seat at the card table, I somehow held on to this night owl mentality.  Perhaps thinking the fun comes out at night or that I might miss something if I go to bed early, truly leaving me quite exhausted each day with a slow addiction to coffee.

As I try to keep it fresh, I have recently given up caffeine, which was awful for the first 3 days and now is fine.  Do I miss the smell of coffee in the mornings and the creamy delicious caffeine jolt? Most definitely. Yet, I digress. And I have started a routine this week of no technology past 9pm and I am asleep by 10:30pm (which feels odd).  With this early bedtime, I have my alarm set for 5:52am (and 6am), which is somehow trickling to 6:40pm and that is that.

However, what I realized this morning is that every morning when I wake up, I unplug my iPhone from the wall to the blaring alarm  and press snooze.  And then, I lay the phone down next to me as a reminder to get up. Once my eyes flutter open (finally) after the second alarm, I go straight to the iPhone and the routine becomes a gnarly mix of emails, Facebook, instagram, and twitter.

Thus, I actually am quite a routine person with a very distinct morning ritual, yet not in a way I believe to the be the best way to start my day.  I literally open my eyes and go straight to other peoples' photos with a filter, status updates and emails that should not pull on my brain until after 8am.  And this has been going on for years.

Do you do this, too?  Anyone?

I have decided to change it up tomorrow.  I have an old school alarm clock that is actually not my phone, so I will set that up this evening.  And I do declare that I am going to give myself a full hour to wake up.  A big 60 minutes without touching my iPhone or the computer.  Join me and let's see how the day goes manana with a more gentle awakening.