Run Towards Your Goals

WIthout a doubt, this is my most favorite time of the year.  I sing more, I hug more, and I admittedly eat more gluten (cookies) and sip more wine (red, white and bubbly) than the other 11 months in the year.  And I am filled with absolute joy knowing I am going to see my whole big family around a Christmas tree in 9 days and counting.

And thus, as 2013 comes to a close, I realize and feel that I am already energetically welcoming the new year.  And honestly, with that can come a feeling of stress, overwhelm and anxious excitement.  I remind myself and you, rock your tools to stay present with the now and enjoy every bit of this holiday season.  Be it yoga, breathwork, somatic tools, meditation, sweat, prayer, high fives or hugs, rock those tools.

Goal Tip: When writing your goals down on paper, use affirmative language in the present tense and add a date to hold yourself accountable.  Example of one of my 2014 goals:  I move to Colorado by April 30, 2014.  The goal is declared and I choose to believe 100% in myself to get there.  That is right, I believe and let go.  The questions I can ask myself now that I am fully aligned are:  what can I do today to move me towards my goal?  What can I do right now in this moment?  How can I run towards my goals with radical joy?

And from there, intention meets action.  A present and thoughtful experience is created in the now to move me towards my declared, my chosen, my rocky-mountain-outdoor-loving-goal-hiking-log-cabin-living life!

What can you get up to today to run towards your goals, you radical human being, you?