Share: Goal Failure

So, here is the deal. I love goals.  And I have been in more and more conversation around goals: be it my goals, other's goals, New Year's resolutions, failed goals, achieved......

I pulled open my most recently updated goal sheet and noticed a couple missed dates.  Example:

I rock Bird of Paradise in yoga - balanced hips +shoulders = balanced life by Nov. 2011.   Epic fail - if you could have seen me trying to do it last night in my living room.... it was more like crouching one-legged dragon.  #notparadise

I own a CANON camera with purple neck strap by October 15, 2011.  Miss - just me and my Blackberry photo uploads.

I stared at the computer screen.  Sat back.  Looked at my goal sheet and really wondered what was up with that?  I had written these goals down - present tense, with an accountability date...what was holding me back?

ZING.  Commitment.

I had taken the time to write my goals - but had not truly taken the time to commit to my goals.  A very necessary step.

The goals can sound really great and look really inspiring on paper - but until you freakin' rock out and get into action - there is no real goal at all.  Just a reminder of something you might have, should have, supposedly could have done.

So here I am - re-commiting.  The RE- standing for REALLY....really committing to Bird of Paradise and that radical camera. 

I will be updating with photos and how and when and why!

Bird of Paradise by February 13, 2012.

CANON camera by May 1, 2012.

#takingastand  #gettinginaction  #seeyouinyoga