Sharing: Life Check...What the FUNK?

Do you ever need a life check? Wow I was in a FUNK this morning.  Just moving slow, being sloppy, judging everything-anyone-and-me, eating pickles and being nasty.  Ok fine, I have felt this way for the past day or two.  FUNK FUNK FUNKY.

I realized today - time for a life check.  I asked myself in this moment, Jacki, what do you need to feel you?  What do you need to rock out life and be awesome?

I pondered.

And pondered.

Looked around.  Checked Facebook. 


And there it is - I need to get my brain on nature.  Get out in the Santa Monica Mountains.  Raise a heart rate.  Breathe some fresh and free air. Not see a city.  Hug a tree, the usual.

I grab my phone and type with a frenzy to the manfriend, "you + me + moutains this weekend?"

His answer and I quote:  "I was thinking the same actually...get some *#@&#% clarity"

Giddy up. 

Mountains this weekend, here we come.  And instantly - INSTANTLY - I am back.

Gameplan:  Mountains.

Present moment:  excited for said Mountains. 

Be gone FUNK.

Check your life check and maybe ask, What the Funk?

Tree Hugger