Shelf Life

Remember disposable cameras?  Oh how I loved the surprises when you actually took them to print at the drugstore! Yesterday, I kicked it old school and printed off pictures from my iPhone.  They have options:  an app that you can transfer pics directly to the kiosk, directly print from Facebook, or plug in the iPhone directly.  Rock the choice.  A total of 40 photos cost me 10 dollars, what a deal!  Mind you, the print shop does not like instagram filters.  Noted.

I got home and replaced most of my old photos with updated pictures.  Some of my frames had pictures from over 6 years ago; my friends and I don't even look like that anymore!

And, it reminded me to decorate my life with the people I love.  Have visuals that make you smile and be grateful.

Post pics in real life, not just on Facebook.

Give your shelf some life with moments that bring you more joy!