So. I got married!

You read that right, my man and I tied the knot. We did it, on June 13th, I became a wife!

And it was magic.

So real.

So raw.

So us.

I have been contemplating what to share with you because the wedding was really a love bursting weekend with so many details, like:  a game night, a nature blessing, a rehearsal dinner, a lot of joyful tears, a lot of legal weed edibles and people re-living their glory days, my Grandma being my flower girl, and a gnarly wind that came through our ceremony like you would not believe. Or you might actually believe, as nature is our thing and if you have ever read The Alchemist, it was pretty amazing that the wind showed up in full form.

What I love most when I speak with people who attended or when people share that they saw our pics on social media, they tell me that the wedding felt so "us" down to every detail. And they also mention they felt a lot of love there. I did, too.

Big, huge shout out to my Mother, the one and only Marti Carr (and family volunteers), who made the aesthetics happen. I am talking flowers, flower crowns, corsages, boutonnieres, centerpieces, really all the decorations, and the actual event flow. Speaking of event flow, a huge internet heart to heart hug to the Mister Matt Hoglund, our incredible officiant, event manager, stress manager and best friend of a human being. And a big shout out to my husband (still fun to say/write) for being awesome and marrying me, and also for letting me have feathers at our recessional to the song Higher Love by Steve Winwood.

What I really want to share with you right now is about the now.

The now-ness of being a newlywed.

The real-ness of being a wife.

The major-ness of changing the last name and figuring out when I might start that process.

I actually wondered if it would feel different being married. Chris and I had been together for over five years and after our wedding weekend, we were coming back home to our sweet Denver bungalow we love and had already resided in together for six months. Would it really feel that different?

And yes, yes it really does.  But not in the ways I expected.

My sweet friend Lyndsey Fryer asked me via text jam what I am most fired up about, as she alluded to my career, clients and Rock Your Bliss fun. She went even a step further and was like, what is getting you out of bed. Immediate response: my marriage!

I was completing an interview for the rad movement that is WANT: Women Against Negative Talk and one of the final questions asked was what are you most excited about right now in life, and again I answered my marriage!

I mean, thankfully I am super stoked on this whole life commitment thing, right? I signed up for the long haul over here.

Yet what I think I am most excited about right now is:

The future that feels even more real than before. We are focused on planning children, bank accounts, National Park adventures and name changes. Chris and I were hiking this past weekend and we saw a lightning bolt and immediately turned around. He said, "I am not messing around anymore, we are married up with a lot to do". And he was so right. With a big joint goal of celebrating a 50 year anniversary, aint nobody got time to be struck by lightning.

There is something about a title change that really works. Like a promotion, you step up your game. I went from friend to girlfriend to fiance to wife. Total promotion and I am like walking a new walk the past few weeks. Probably need a new wardrobe to match.

When you plan an event for an entire year, there is this humongous exhale that occurs a week after. I think I might have slept a billion hours for the 7 days actually following the wedding. But week 2, hello wedding bliss. The big breath that comes after all the plans, all the parties and all your guests have gone back home is like riding a tandem bike. We both are breathing together, it feels really good.

The magic. When I choose to see it, it is so there.

Of course, our hashtag for our wedding was #camphynes. Super rustic and log cabin-y. And now that we are married I really feel like we have a campsite that is our life. Currently located in Denver during the week and somewhere in the grandiose nature that is the Rocky Mountains every weekend - we take Camp Hynes wherever we go.

And finally, making the choice to live the vows. Chris and I wrote our own vows and like a checks and balances, I feel like each week of being a wife, I get to check in on how I did. The awareness is beautiful in showing up as the wife I really want to be. How am I listening closer?  Did I get up to and say hell yes to every adventure?  And how did I support Chris and all his amazing whims into will and action?  I am keeping my promises.

I really highly recommend the partnership, the love, the magic of marriage. I have been with this man for years and I am so in for all the ups and all the downs this lifetime has to offer. Thank you for marrying me, Chris. A reminder, I am truly all in.

Photo Cred:  Tayler Carlisle


More teaser pics from our amazing photographer team over at Tayler Carlisle Photography!