Sunshine Award: Sharing My Shine.

How fun is this?  I was nominated for the Sunshine Award via one of my fav bloggers and Canadian goal-getters, Matt Corker.  He rocks the voice as a powerful leader at lululemon, a stand for radical-ness as an emerging author and one amazing 1/2 Marathon runner crushing PRs.  I am honored that he chose me to shine, thank you sweet Matt. A Sunshine Award is for bloggers, by bloggers, and is “a way to recognize people who have charmed, supported, enlightened, and inspired the awarder in recent months.”  When one receives said award, the recipient must then answer some questions, tag the next recipients of their choosing, and ask them a handful of questions to answer as well.  Like a chain letter but way better.

Here are the question Matt sent me to rock out and keep this digital chain letter alive:

1) When are you most inspired?

Love this question.  I am most inspired when I get the rad opportunity to experience a person or group of people digging in deep to their clear truth, seek possibility and slightly pushing out of their comfort zone to live it bigger not only for themselves, but for you, for me and the entire World.  That vibration, that energy of people living their soul purpose reminds me to continue to do the same.  We all get to vibrate on a different wavelength, together.  Love that.

2) What one time in your life would you like to re-live (either to experience it again or to change the outcome)?

I recently got engaged to my favorite human, Mister Chris Hynes.  We actually met when we were 18 years old in college and I was a hot mess on the high of freedom and independence that rocks the all too aptly named 'glory days'.  I vividly recall the location and the first meeting.  I was loud and over-stimulated with coffee and ego, as I approached his Foster-Harper all dude dorm floor at Indiana University.  I would love to re-live that moment when we first met, he was shy and I was loud.  He had blue eyes and played baseball and I wore my own dorm key around my neck not to lose it and had a strict sweatpants only policy.  I would not change a thing, just to feel the first moment I saw him, locked eyes, and felt a single butterfly.  That moment.

3) What do you consider to be sacred?

F-A-M-I-L-Y.  Quality time with my family and friend-family is the most sacred to my heart beat.  Be it over glasses of red wine, on a hike in the mountains or on a sweaty run we finish together.  This is my number one values, my true North, the sacred of all things sacred in my life.

4) What song(s) are you currently listening to on repeat?

No No No, Pumpin' Blood

Steely Dan, Only a Fool Would Say That

Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror

5) What is one great thing that, when it happens, will completely blow your mind? (e.g. first man on Pluto)

The one great thing.  Ah yes, when I have children and step into one of the most amazing jobs in this Universe, being a Mother.

6) What is the question/request you have the most difficulty in asking/making?

Honestly, at time I struggle asking for help.  I know I have gotten better, however, there are times where I would rather do it all myself than ask for one bit of help in fear of putting someone out or looking like I cannot do it.  I am absolutely aware this is ego flare, it is a beautiful and gnarly practice.

7) Who do you believe in?

WOW.  I believe in YOU and all that you dare to accomplish and create for the World. Yes, you reading this right now.  I believe in your goals, your big dreams and your courage.  I do.

8) What is your favourite smoothie recipe?

After a great workout, my fav smoothie is:

1 scoop SFH Recovery Protein (Coconut) 1 Chocolate Coconut Water 1 (heaping) tablespoon of Peanut or Almond Butter Sprinkle of Cinnamon


Now, my turn to nominate the greats that inspire on the regular:

Mary Beth LaRue - My partner in bliss crafting, my grounding energy when I fly off the handle, my yoga hearbeat, my soul sister who has one of the most open hearts I have ever encountered.  Share your bliss.

Lindsey Fryer - A powerful woman up for adventure and a burning desire to live it big.  Her words allow me to see.

Matt Hoglund - A thought leader in my life, a reminder to be so beautifully you and always ready to challenge you with a deeper question, this man rocks my soul.

Samantha Bivenour - Deep in the heart of TEXAS, this new Mama speaks vulnerability through her journey to self love, body love and love love.

Ang Peets - A Canadian beauty that glows inside and out, Ang rocks the holistic World, speaking truthbombs about wellness, living whole and eating clean!

Your 8 Questions to rock:

1) How do you celebrate yourself and rock that self love? 2) Share a 1 year goal that makes your heart beat faster. 3) If you were to describe your personality in an animal, what would you be and why? 4) What makes you come ALIVE? 5) What is your power outfit?  (i.e. You wear this top to bottom and you are unstoppable) 6) What is your favorite book you have read in your life thus far? 7) What is your mantra/declaration/intention today? 8) Alright, tell it to us, what is your guilty-est pleasure?

Shine on!  Go!