Take Two

I sped into my morning today full force.  I am talking got out of bed fast, ate my granola fast, walked the dog fast, and rode my bike fast to my first meeting.  It was a blur. As I walk into my local coffee shop, I am doing at least six things at once, i.e.  I am checking my email, reading a text that pops up, unraveling my headphones, adjusting my turquoise leggings post-bike ride, contemplating my hair, and standing in front of a human being not making eye contact and trying to order a coffee.

He asks me this series of question, it goes like this?

How are you?  What can I get you?  Hot or cold?  Do you want that hot or cold?  Room for cream?  Do you need room?

After the repeat questioning, I realize he has to keep asking me the same questions because I am being a complete and total arse on my phone and trying to multi task.

I put my phone down on the counter face down.  I look up at him, pause, and I ask him, "Hey, can I start over?".  He says yes.

I walk back out the front door and walk back in, I look this scruffy faced dude in the blue eyes and have a real conversation.  His name is Chris, he says he is "living the dream" with a hand gesture and slight sarcasm and I order my hot decaf Americano with a touch of steamed milk, please.

Nodding with approval, he shuffles to make the drink, no questions asked.  Simple.

We smile.  I pay.  And a human connection is made.

Much, much better.

Rock the take two when needed.  Pause.  Walk back out the door and walk back in.

You always have the choice for a do-over.