VIDEO: Cowboy Boots, Luon and a Microphone

Honored. Beyond elated.

So thankful.


Rocking my bliss.

On fire.

Clear and connected.

This is how I felt when speaking at the Texas Yoga Conference earlier this year in my hometown of Houston, TEXAS.  The lululemon athletica Houston team called and said we want YOU to rock goals, lead the champagne toast and get us drunk on possibility.  Obviously, I said hell yes and we changed pre-arranged flights, devised a vibrational event and got big together.  And in that moment on that stage, I was alive in my soul purpose and so clear that when you do what you truly want to be doing for the World, the World conspires to make sh*t happen.

[tweetable] "I dare you to do what makes you come alive and rock your soul purpose.  NOW." @jackicarr [/tweetable]


Thank you Jess Dennison and Kelly Stanfield from lululemon Houston Galleria for believing in me and creating a beautiful space for me to rock cowboy boots, luon and a microphone.  Thank you Texas Yoga Conference for creating a rad event that brings Texas together to explore yoga, community and goals.  And thank you Mom, Dad, Mel and Bailey for letting me crash and party with you for that weird Snow Day in Houston.