Thank You to You

Wow.  What a whirlwind week.  What a whirlwind feeling. I have landed home from Vancouver in my sweet love shack in Venice, California.  Did I bring back a bit of a cold, a hacking cough and perhaps the sniffles with me?  Yes.  Did my computer decide to stop working right when I got off the plane?  Oh yes.  And, did I run out of poop bags this morning with two dogs answering nature's call?  Yep.  However, like McFadden and Whitehead said, "Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move".

My cup absolutely runneth over with gratitude.  And gratitude rules.

I recently led a LIVE Vision & Goals session online for the rad company I work for, lululemon athletica.  Interested, press play here.  When the session ended, I was in awe of this rad life.  I asked myself, did that just happen, did I really do that?  And yes, it sure did.  Yes, I sure did.  My cell phone exploded with notes from my closest friends and family sending congrats or of them taking pictures in front of their computer screen with me.  Surreal how technology is amazing like that.  So surreal how love is amazing like that.

And today, an email landed in my inbox.  It held a beautiful 10 year vision filled with love, connection, and stability.  There were goals and milestones and gratitude.  I smiled reading the email, feeling moved that someone would want to share with me the life they are creating.  I smiled reading the email, feeling touched and inspired by the work, the vulnerability and the love.  I smile now.  I am inspired right now.  This is what I want in my inbox, always.

Thank you. To you.  And you and you and you.  Thank you for loving me in text messages, for reading the writing, for believing in me, for sharing your vision & goals with me, for the Facebook posts, comments on the blog and the email notes.  Thank you for taking the time.  I know it is sacred, your time, and it means the World to me.

From my heart to yours, thank you.  I love you.

Let's rock together.