the Bear that Never Showed

On day 2 of our Adventure:  Colorado, Chris and I embarked on a hike called Fish Creek Falls Trail.  I would highly recommend if you are in Steamboat Springs, you follow the signs to this trailhead and rock it all the way to the top. With that being said, I would NOT recommend the 10 mile hike in Vibrams.  Just a note to consider.

So, we were hiking the second half of the trek and it opens up into these vast meadows.  I remember I had an overwhelming fear rush over me.  It actually came in waves.  I would see a shadow of a low tree and literally think it was a Mountain Lion, or some lurking rock ahead, could there be a Bear behind it?  What is that moving over there?  Oh, it is a deer.  Well then, maybe there is a larger beast waiting to attack it?  My eyes scan the meadow.  I looked behind me and far in front of me.  My heart beat sped up and my blood ran way too hot in the body.

I would catch myself in and out of these fear dazes.  Creating my own mirage of wildlife and my plan of attack.

Instead of breathing in lush, green meadows, listening to the rushing creek next to the trailhead, or experiencing the trees expanding into bright greens against blue skies, I only saw shadows

And then, I realized, I am not here.  I am not here on this mountain, in this moment.  In these fear dazes, I am so far away from being present and lost in a World of thoughts and what if's.  I am so absolutely scared of something that is not even there.  I am literally freaking out over nothing.

I thought to myself, am I the only one looking for this Bear that will never show?

Why do I do this?

Snap out of it and get real!  Look around!

Hike lesson:   I see now that there are times I walk around, hike around, run around this life so scared of a metaphorical Bear that will never show.  I find myself all up in my head space creating some reality that is fear-based, not present, and really stressful.  I realize I actually completely miss what is beautifully unfolding right in front of me...all the time.

Why do I do this?

Just stop.

Let's practice being in the now.

Clear the fear.  Take a look at the radical, most epic life unfolding right in front of you and channel there.

Channel the real.


NOTE:  We saw one deer, some bugs and chipmunks the entire 10 miles.