The Energy of Goals

Today, I spent the morning cheering, dancing and high-fiving strangers to keep running!  Just a normal Sunday...

With a company I love and with people I love.  Just a normal work day...

 And, I am so inspired. 

Inspired by the radical force of energy that you feel around someone with a goal.

Then multiply that by the 30,000+ runners living their goal of 26.2 rushing past you.  #energeticvibration

What a beautiful day to stand, dance, cheer and high-five someone, anyone to achieve a goal. 

Way to go, LA Marathon finishers.  I am so proud of you - so inspired by you.  Thank you for sharing your energy with me today!

I say, surround yourself with people with goals.  Then, stand next to them with your hot pink cheer signs and your dance moves and feel the energetic vibration in the space - for them and how it reflects back into you. 

It is really a win/win.