The Forgiving Tree

I recently found the beauty of forgiveness.  And it really is so beautiful.

Have you ever read the amazing book written by Shel Silverstein, The Giving Tree?  It is an all-time favorite, a must-read, a life teacher disguised in a green Children's book.

Well, I sit here and think about The Giving Tree - remember her?  She loved that little boy so much and she gave and she gave and she gave - and he really took and took and took.  And I realize now that the book should have been titled, 'The Forgiving Tree'.  Because every time that little boy took - she was able to forgive him, love him still and then give more and more and more. 

Is that what love looks like?  I think there is more give/take balance - but beautiful to see it in such a radical form.  So yes, yes that is what love can look like.

I believe forgiveness wins every time.  Be it over judgement, holding grudges, hate, miscommunication, sadness, ... really any negative word you want to input (here) would lose in the grand battle against forgiveness.

So really, just try it on.  Forgive yourself for that missed goal last year.  Forgive yourself for that cookie yesterday.  Forgive yourself for that shitty relationship.  Forgive yourself for something that someone has already forgiven you for (tricky, I know).  And forgive others around you, if need be.  What are you holding on to?  I'll tell you what - a big, gnarly mess.  Clean it up!  Clear it up!  And forgive already and feel the freedom, feel the love.

And if you need a cue, take a look, its in a book.  Follow her lead, the Forgiving Tree.  She was so wise before my years. 

Always learning.