The Grand Compromise

I totally get the asset of a radical resume.  I read them daily.  I do. And, I totally understand specific skill sets for specific roles.  Experience required on the Job description - noted.

And, I see the opportunities in life that will elevate the game on your resume.  That will look good to the reader and recruiter.  You know what I am talking about:  the college degree, the community service, the internship, the similar field of work experience.

My question is:  did you compromise your experience for paper?

Are you deep in your work for the life experience?

Is there gap in your resume, as you took an epic year off to travel the World and be a learner of life?

What about that detour; when you chose passion in a job over an internship to add a statement on paper?

What have you created that turns you on?

I want to meet you, life experiencers.

I want to hear from you, passion people.  (email:  yourlifeadventures(at)gmail(dot)com)

And, I want to learn from you and be inspired by you.

Because, you are the ones that are going to inspire me to be exactly where, who, how I need to be.

Just by being who you are.

I say, live your life.

Not the life that will look good on paper.