The Metaphorical Black Out

Remember the scene from Old School when Will Ferrell's character literally rocks the debate team in the midst of a knowledge bomb black out? For your viewing pleasure:  please, click this 2:26 clip.

Now, for the 3% of you that might not have seen the entire movie over 12 times, Will Ferrell's character, well-known as "Frank the Tank", is not the brightest crayon in the box.  He can take down a beer bong like no one you have ever seen, always has his shirt off and partying is the name of his game.  However, as you saw in the clip above, Frank can debate.  He took a sip of water, dug deep within and found the most impeccable answer.  Although he might not remember what happened, as he claims he 'blacked out' while speaking, he was obviously so deep in his element, absolutely vibrating in his strengths and with the utmost confidence reached the answer and won.

What if in life, we all had the ability to take a sip of water, dig deep and know the answer was always there?

I say, we all do have this ability.

There is creativity, insight, radical knowledge, power and truth within us all, waiting to be tapped.

So, I say, channel your inner Frank the Tank.

Dig deep.

Let go.

Metaphorically black out in your most radical element.

And truly allow the answer.

I know it's there.

And so do you.