The Pop Over, Swing By, Drop In. Anyone?

When was the last time you showed up somewhere unannounced? Great question.  With the use of cell phones and all their fancy cameras, text messages and voice dialing - the element of surprise is almost an extinct element in our lifetime!  And, I love surprises!

So last night, I am walking the dog sans mobile device.  Just me, the dog, poop bags and the good old open air and eye contact!  I walked past my friend's apartment whom which I was going to yoga with in the next hour or so.  We had never confirmed, so I decided to do a little surprise pop in.  I knock on the door and no joke - all these visions pop in my head.  I say to myself, "shoot, what if she is with someone and I am interrupting?", "oh I hear she is on the phone, how rude of me", "omg, what if she is naked?".... ridiculous, I know!  So she answers and it was one of these "Oh!  Hey!  What are you doing here?".

Now, let me  be clear with sentence emphasis.  It was not "oh, hey, what are YOU doing here?"... but more of the "Oh!  Hey!  What are you doing HERE?   Here?  At my door step?  In front of my apartment?   Yes, she was mildly shocked and surprised.

It was a funny exchange in which I spilled "we were just stopping by to see what time to head to yoga?" - as if that sentence were one long word to clarify why I was there, and simultaneously apologize for the no text, no phone drop by.  Very odd.

And funny.

I thought about the experience while walking the dog back home the one measly block away.  I realized that we just don't knock on doors, surprise drop in or just swing by anymore.  We don't do the fun Kramer door slide pop over ever.  You know, Kramer from Seinfeld?  The pop over move to Jerry's house quite literally made his character on that show!  #greatTV

The Pop In

From now on, I am committing to more pop-over-Kramer-moves.  Nope, I am not calling you or texting you - I am just coming over!  Get ready for life in person, coming in hot!