Thoughts on The Instagram Generation

I truly enjoy Shots of Awe via Jason Silva. He always, always get me thinking. In his recent post, The Instagram Generation, he lays out some zingers.

Watch below:

And while I ponder and truly get momentarily drunk on his beautiful idea and romantic language of the "historical digital paper trail", the ability to "experience the present as an anticipated memory" and the fulfillment of my "desire to be an artist", I wonder about the sacred-ness that is the actual present moment.

I backpacked through Ansel Adams Wilderness a couple weekends ago. A magical trip. A digital detox. A sky of stars I could not believe. Fresh air for days. And on my first day hiking, I had my iPhone ready for picture-taking along the hike and I caught myself snapping picture and already creating instagram captions in my mind. That's right. I would pull out the phone (no service whatsoever up there), snap a photo and begin to craft what nature inspired comment I would share with my (social media) World when I got back down to 'civilization' in three days. As Silva mentions, I was living two realities at the same time and becoming the artist of my history....

But am I really?

I wonder, what did I used to think about?

Did I used to take it all in?  Did I feel it first versus trying to explain how it felt right away?

Did I write a blog in my mind? Consider the Pioneer days of past? See colors unfiltered?

What did I used to think about before I was already crafting the memory?

And really, is it real though? On instagram, is it real?

He always, always get me thinking.  What do you think?


Historical Digital Paper Trail-ing.