To Do: Sunshine

I had this grand plan for today, a real To-Do List complete with items like:  Build a budget for May.  Build up a business plan for my radical future.   CrossFit workout with the boyfriend followed by Yoga in the morning.  Take the Vespa to the mechanic for a check up. Sign up for my final driving course for the M1 liscense, .... The list continued on and on.

So, what really happened today was:

I woke up with a mild headache due to my love/hate relationship with red wine.  Oh, and cramps.  Thus, I nixed the morning plan of CrossFit + yoga.

Such a sunny day today, I walked with the boyfriend and dog to grab coffees and get his haircut.  So dapper he is now.

I experienced a minor breakdown in life which ended up in conversations of fear, asking for help and tears on said boyfriend's big shoulder.  Life is beautiful that way.

We aired the tires of my bike and cruised down to the beach.

New fun one piece swimsuit for me, new boardshorts for boyfriend.  Happened.

Grabbed lunch at an outdoor patio and sipped Ciders + Beers overlooking the beach.  #westcoastisthebestcoast

Laid in the sand.  Kissed in the sand.  Took silly pictures together in the sand.

Purchased a piece of art, a glass mosaic of a peace sign with the image of the Dalai Lama in the center.  Be inspired by art.

Traipsed sand into the house.  Add to another to do list:  Swiffer.

Took Bear to the pet store and gave him a bath.  He looks and smells amazing.

More red wine.

So today, I threw away the to-do list and realized that some days are not meant for the logistics of life.

Some days are just meant  for sunshine, sand, bike rides, breakdowns, breakthroughs and the ability to go with the flow and love the one you're with.

Be open.  Always.