Today. Pause. Grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and you and you! Today, take a moment while surrounded by family and friends and pause.  Smell the delicious smells, feel your heart gushing with love, see the beauty of connection that is most undoubtedly all around you, reach out and touch another with a hug or a sloppy kiss, and hear the sounds of gratitude from deep belly laughter.

It is in these moments that holidays always bring that I want to dance with the joy, I want to pause time, I want to hug more and I want to just share in the most vulnerable way that I love you, and you, and you!  Because really, I do.

Wherever you are, whomever you are with, be all there.  Take it all in.  Shout it out loud.

From my big hearts to yours, I am grateful.  Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Celebration!