TONITE: Beyond Luon

My heart beats faster and where most get butterflies to flutter, I feel more of a full on marching band rocking out in my stomach.  I am excited, nervous, anxious and so present all at the same time. This evening, lululemon athletica presents Beyond Luon at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.  An evening of speakers, music, vulnerability and connection.  And yes, I am a speaker in the lineup of inspirationalists.

I close my eyes to see it, to feel it:  the mic in my hand, feet on elevated ground and my voice to relate, share and connect about truly celebrating the self here and now.  And in this moment, I am so effing alive.

I invite all my fellow LA hearts to join.  The event is free, awesome and a guaranteed great time!

Not in LA, no worries.  Rock twitter and follow the action on @lululemonpeople.  You know we have a hashtag, check out #beyondluon.  Yes, yes, yes we have a full on video crew and a highlight reel to follow!

Be rad.  Be inspired.  Be alive.